Reed Diffuser in Vintage Style Milk Bottle


Quirky Vintage Style School Milk bottle, with 120ml of oil.  Eco Reed system will last for approximately 3/6 months.



If you’re fed up of reed diffusers that seem to lose their scent after a few weeks then you will be thrilled with the NW & CO Artisan Reed Diffuser Range!

After much testing we have found the perfect combination that gives a lasting scent for approximately 6/9 months.

The base carrier will evaporate completely making it an environmentally friendly version of this popular home range.

Using the eco-reed system, these reeds have been engineered to ‘suck’ up the base oil. There is no need to turn the reeds at regular intervals making this a reed diffuser you can simply place and forget about!

As with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, pop them in a corner and you won’t benefit from the wonderful smell.  Pplace them in a high traffic area, where a breeze will catch them and you will enjoy the fragrance.

160ml of oil, 7 eco reeds & a vintage style old school milk bottle included.

We offer a refill service of both the oil & the reeds.

Each of our reed diffusers come in a presentation gift box.

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Weight 300 g


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